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Particle driven fireworks for Minetest.



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  • How have I never seen these?

    I will admit, they aren't the fanciest, but they work, and they are fireworks. You could make an actual show with these. Though the particles may need turned up a bit to be larger if you eant a professional show look. They work by placing them on the ground, then punching them or using Mesecons to activate them. I am almost shocked torch and flint aren't options. This is not meant to be negative by the way, it's just so close to being perfect.

  • Awesome

    Awesomeee mod ! Fireworks on minetest is really cool. The mod isn't laggy and I think it has better animation than the other fireworks mod. I highly recommend this mod :)

    You can even make a machine that drops fireworks automaticly. You'll just need mesecons, and this mod :)

    Btw: If you are searching for a fireworks mod, choose this one, you won't be disappointed !