Ice Cream Mod

one mod to create your favorite ice cream, and more!!!!

First create a Cone, with the specific Dough, give it the shape, and then on the Furnace.

This Dough is created with 2 Wheat Dough and one Egg.

A cone, snow and. . . . Chocolate? Or more.

This mod Depend (mobs, mobs_animal, farming) (not necessarily "mobs", you can also use any other that has an egg "group: food_egg")

This is my first mod

With the time i add more ice creams


add Strawberry, Blueberries


Change mobs:egg to group:food_egg

add Changes.txt

add Mint, Pumpkin, Vanilla

v1.2: Correction

v1.1: add Cone-shaped dough

v1.0: Add Ice Creams, Cone, Dough

Apple, Banana, Carrot, Chocolate, Watermelon, Orange, Pineapple.

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