Beam items or nodes from your inventory to the inventory of your friend.

Inventory Multiplayer-focused

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For Minetest 5.0 and above

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A mod for minetest to transport items from the own inventory to the inventory of another player.

Beamer adds a node, where player are able to send items from their inventoriy to the other inventory. The beamer checks, do you have enough items, is the target player online, have the target player enough room in his inventory, is it allowed to beam in his inventory.

With the release 1.3, beamen is now borderless. You're are now able to beam between different server. It's recommended to install a mod like smart_chat for this release.



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  • Unable to break node

    The mod works just fine, as far as beaming items from one player to another is concerned, however I'm unable to break the node as when I punch it it brings up the formspec. Shift clicking doesn't seem to help, and none of the default tools break it fast enough to remove the node.