ATM Redo

Adds an ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) and MWT (Money Wire Transfer) designed to work with the currency mod and its minegeld banknotes.

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ATM Redo mod for Minetest

original by gpcf: (no longer available)

updated and improved by RB


*Improved, high quality graphics.

*Added ability to process 50 and 100 minegeld denominations.

*Reduced 3 ATMs down to 1 that does everything.

This mod adds an ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) and MWT (Money Wire Transfer) designed to work with the currency mod and its minegeld banknotes. ATMs allow you to transfer money to your bank account and withdraw various sums as needed. The ATM allows to add and withdraw banknotes by ones, tens, and hundreds in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 50, and 100.
MWTs allow you to send funds to other players registered with a bank account.

Crafting ATM

[ steel ingot, mese crystal, steel ingot ]
[ glass,       10 MG note,   steel ingot ]
[ steel ingot, mese crystal, steel ingot ]

If mesecons mod is not installed, then the mese wire in recipes is replaced by a copper ingot.

Crafting MWT

An alternative system for transfering money from one player's account to another. The terminals provide an interface for sending a specified amount (integer number) to a player (who must have an existing banking account) and for checking the transfers to the account of the user of the terminal. The history of transactions can be erased completely, and it is recommended to clean it once the stored data are no longer of any relevance. Otherwise, the transaction history is preserved indefinitely.

[ steel ingot, mese crystal, steel ingot ]
[ glass,       mese wire,    steel ingot ]
[ steel ingot, mese crystal, steel ingot ]

To complete a Money Wire Transfer a player must provide the name of the recipient with an existing banking account, the desired amount to be transfered, and a description of the payment (optional, but strongly recommended). After entering those parameters the terminal checks their validity and if there is no problem, the player is shown the final confirmation window. If the player confirms the payment, the specified amount will be transfered immediately. At this point the transaction is final. If there are errors, a corresponding message is shown in the chat, and the transaction is aborted.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Does not reflect the spirit of ATM mod

    This redo completely destroyed the philosophy of the original mod by removing all the types of ATM and by retexturizing it with super high quality textures that do not fit minetest environment. For some reason makes the world lag when trying to open and close the formspecs; quite strange since the original one from gpcf didn't.

  • Excellent Addition to a Commerce Environment

    I think this is a great mod & adds greatly to server commerce environments. It is essentially storage for money (minegeld notes from currency mod). The wire transfer terminal is an excellent tool as well that allows players to transfer money directly from their account to that of another player.

    For reference, the original ATM mod is here:

  • Highly recommended

    Added this to my server The Last Survivors and the players are loving it and so do I. I like the improvements compared to the older atm module. It's also very straightforward to use since all 3 former functions that were separated in the old atm mod are now in just one.

  • Super handy for any server, so we don't have to carry around all our money

    April 2022 Update: The formspec transaction lag issue and other API DoS issues in mods are actively being exploited to lag servers to promote a ripoff makeworld game that only accepts exorbitant bitcoin payments.

    I'm really glad to see this getting revamped from the 2016 classic yellow green and grey cubes that are on many servers! I can't count how many times I've been greatful not to have all my money on me when dying on a long trek in the wilderness, or falling into a feigned friendly player's trap for them to hoard all my hard-earned tools food and armor.

    I have run against a couple issues in the design of the transaction system, which become much more apparent on populated servers, and I've even been able to reproduce it in singleplayer on a fast machine.

    The issue is that when depositing a lot of money very quickly, the server and client lags significantly. This is true of any server I've tested, and any denomination, whether depositing or withdrawing. If this is extreme enough, the displayed account balance jumps to the correct value once the lag subsides, then counts the wrong direction from the transactions you just placed, so it looks like instead of depositing 1000 Green, the number went down, which is worrying to watch. The balance shows the correct value after placing another transaction or exiting, but it can cause worry that things are not running as they should, and raise concern over whether their virtual accounts are safe to use in case of a glitch or corruption.

    So, as a reconciled action (and having a shop that can supply thousands of individual notes on a very crowded server), I don't think adding a 1000x button is the solution, but instead seeking out something like caching, or a place-and-commit functionality that lets the player do large transactions all in one go. The answer could even be delaying the actions and batching them automatically using a timed buffer, or anything else.


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