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This mod makes the lava turn stone into ore over time. When lava comes in contact with stone it turns red hot. After a specific time it turns into ore.


lava_ore_gen.blacklist is a table where you can blacklist node names.

Example code:

lava_ore_gen.blacklist["default:stone_with_iron"] = true


Fixed interval of when stone is changed into ore.

lava_ore_gen.interval = 3600

Random chance of when to change stone into ore.

lava_ore_gen.chance = 86400

Make ores random instead of being based on how rare they are.

lava_ore_gen.random = false



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  • very interesting

    It mostly seems to work soon after a world is loaded, immediately for some settings, but not later. ???? Could you explain the settings very clearly? Is the interval seconds? How does "chance" work, proportionally or inversely? Why can I open a world and see plenty of ores at a test site, then hang above it and for a long time, nothing happens? Or, I leave a test site oreless, close the game, re-load the world, and ores just spring up like mushrooms?

    Combined with a craftable lava mod, this is an easy infinite ore machine, good for an easy-going low-challenge server, but I can't try to balance it for my specific players because the settings are not explicit. I will try and read the code sooner or later, but it would be easier if you spelled it out in black and white. It would then also be easier to tell if the sudden mushrooming is a bug or not.

  • hmm

    cool mod . good for industry