TNT Revamped

Overrides the TNT mod to make it more like mc TNT.

Tools / Weapons


Fork of TNT mod

This mod will also override the default TNT mod.

water flow code copied from TenPlus1's builtin_item mod builtin_item


  1. TNT is always entity on ignite.

  2. TNT entitys flow in water.

  3. TNT jumps on ignite.

  4. It is possible to make minecraft style TNT cannons with this mod.

  5. TNT does not damage nodes if in water.


    -- Mod name : TNT name
    name = "tnt:tnt",
    -- Description of TNT node
    description = "TNT",
    -- TNT Blast radius.
    radius = tnt_radius,
    -- Strength of blast (explosions mod only).
    strength = 1000,
    -- explosion delay in seconds.
    time = 4,
    -- On ignite the TNT will jump upwards based on the jump value.
    jump = 3,
    -- Ignite sound effect.
    ignite_sound = {name = "tnt_ignite"},
    -- The explosion sound effect.
    boom_sound = {name = "tnt_explode", def = {gain = 2.5, max_hear_distance = 128}}


The size of the default tnt blast.

tnt_radius = 3

The number to multiply the TNT's entity knockback velocity on blast.

tnt_revamped.entity_velocity_mul = 2

The explosion api to use.

Use the default tnt explosion api from the TNT mod.

Use the explosions api from ryvnf's explosions mod.

tnt_revamped.explosion = "default"

In Water

If true TNT blast will be able to damage nodes even if its in water.

tnt_revamped.damage_nodes = false

If true TNT blast will be able to damage entities even if its in water.

tnt_revamped.damage_entities = false

Authors of source code

PilzAdam (MIT)

ShadowNinja (MIT)

sofar ( (MIT)

Various Minetest developers and contributors (MIT)