Pink Details

Makes various color blocks and tools to pink. If you like pink, this is for you!


Download (4.8 MB)
For Minetest 5.0 and above

How do I install this?

A texture pack that makes various nodes and items pink!

📖 Supported mods 📖

The currently supported mods are all included in Minetest Game.
Here's the complete list of supported mods. May be updated in the future:



Do you recommend this texture pack?

  • very cute 😊

    they are very cute, good job 😊👍

  • Great Pack 🖼 - But needs Fine Tuning 🛠

    The pink colors look quite - outstanding. For those who like the pink look, this pack is magnificient 🌺

    To show you what I mean by fine-tuning, I've attached two screenshots who show really well how colors clash with each other in several occasions.
    I do think that they're supposed to clash with each other to a certain degree - since this pack is not meant to look smooth and natual in the first place.

    I suggest you define objects and textures which are supposed to be entirely pink ¹ - some who are mostly pink ² - some who are a little pink ³ - and some who have barely noticeable amounts of pink in them ⁴.
    This way you can give this texturepack an aura and make it truely outstanding (also in the sense that it's not just some modified default textures with no backing of other textures).

    ¹ would be: Sand, Apple Leaves, Bush Leaves, …
    ² would be: Other Sand Types, …
    ³ would be: Plants, Animals, …
    ⁴ would be: Dirt, Grass, Stone, Lava, Other Liquids, …

    Here the Screenshots:
    Contrast with Sand
    Contrast with Trees

    I'm looking forward to updates & new textures!

    Cheers, NA0341

  • Nice work

    While I like the pink details, I think coloring entire nodes like water or sand is overding it a bit, in a way looks unnatural.

    Still, nice texture pack :3