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For Minetest 5.4 and above

How do I install this?


A mod for the open source game Minetest(>=0.5.4) which makes it possible to create shortcuts to commands.


!!! If you had shortcuts before updating to ver.-1.2 you have to edit them maybe !!! If you have parameters that you don't know when you create a shortcut, you can use @p for players and * for everything else to replace it. Those parameters still need to be seperated from others by spaces.

Command                                                                    Description                                                                       Example                                                                  
/csc [<command name> [<params>]] creates shortcuts (even without params) /csc grant @p fly, *
/esc <number> edits a shortcut /esc 1
/copysc <number> <other player> copies a shortcut to another player /copysc 1 User1234
/lsc [<other player>] lists shortcuts (even without params) /lsc User1234
/rsc <number> removes a shortcut /rsc 1
/sc <number> runs a shortcut /sc 1 User1234
/sscd <number> <description> sets a description for a shortcut /sscd 1 Gives a player fly privileges.
/scd <number> shows the description of a shortcut /scd 1


Either download it through in game with ContentDB or

  1. Download the mod from here

  2. Open the Minetest mods directory (end of path looks like .../Minetest-0.5.8/mods)

  3. Unzip the contents of the download into the Minetest mods directory

  4. In game select a world and under mods activate shortcut

To deinstall it delete the shortcut directory in the mods directory.


If you have any wishes for a new feature or you have found a bug then please let me know in the Issues tab or on the ContentDB site of Minetest.



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