Minetest 5.6 - 5.7

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This mod adds: nether blocks to give you more room for nether ingots in chests,netherrack and netherbasalt with dragonscale fragments to make it somewhat easier to get dragon scales(note: you need 81 unrefined dragonscale fragments to make a dragonscale. changes to crafting and ore spawning should be expected), and this mod adds more decorations/schematics: currently only one, but more are planned. since this is my first attempt at making textures some might change later on.

update 1.2: adds carved nether blocks, and this update unleashes the true power of nether ingots... Introducing nether bombs, bomb 1 destroys most blocks in a 20 node radius, this bomb causes almost no lag. bomb 2 destroys most blocks in a 64 node radius and causes moderate lag, but fortunantly to enable that bomb it will require my throwable bombs mod.

update 1.3: adds a new texture for the nether bombs, removes the atomic nether bomb, and adds a nether tnt stick and block



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