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For Minetest 5.1 and above

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Adds Lightsabers with 3 hilt varieties and 3 colors: Single Bladed, Crossguarded, and Double Bladed. There is no difference in damage between them so mix and match colors however you like.

**Crafting recipes are in the images above. ***

Features: - 12 Possible Lightsaber designs - Force Abilities - Lightsaber Throwing - Parrying - More to come.

Note: It's pretty much required to have the force_abilities privilege to make a Lightsaber, as you can't bond/bleed a Kyber Crystal without it. You could also spawn one in or steal a Crystal from someone who already has a bonded/bled Crystal.

Lightsaber battles are a game of skill. You can hold Left Mouse Button to block attacks from other Lightsaber users. Before battling you should have a Force Ability chosen. It's not a good idea to try and switch between them in battle.

Force Abilities:

You can only use on at a time, Switch between active Abilities via Force Menu (Forward+Backward+Left Click).

  • Force Jump: Jump an increased height. Sneak + Jump. 20 Second Cooldown
  • Force Push: Push Players away, potential fall damage. Sneak + Left Click . 30 Second Cooldown
  • Force Choke: Suspend Players in the air and slowly drain their health. Sneak + Left Click. 60 Second Cooldown
  • Force Dash: Boost forward in short but quick burst. Sneak+Forward+Backward . 20 Second Cooldown
  • Force Heal: Heal yourself by 4 hearts. Sneak+Right Click . 60 Second Cooldown
  • Force Stun: Freeze another Player in place for 5 seconds. Sneak + Left Click. 60 Second Cooldown

Future updates are planned, but likely won't happen for a while, other than adjustments and bug fixes.



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