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For Minetest 5.0 and above

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Adds 3 tiers of Loot Crate that can be found across the world.

Common Loot Crates can be found above ground with basic loot like torches.

Uncommon Loot Crates can be found in caves with mid-tier loot like steel ingots.

Rare Loot Crates can be found in deep caves with high-tier loot like diamonds.

There are not many items available for Loot Crates by default, but they can be easily added.

loot_crates.register_loot(rarity, loot)
-- rarity is a string, and can be "common", "uncommon", or "rare".
-- loot is table with two values, name, and max_count. name is the
-- item string of the name you want to add to the loot table, and
-- max_count is the maximum amount of this item that can be spawned.

If you have a suggestion for a mod and/or items to be supported by default, leave them here.



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