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Filled Bottles

Fill empty glass bottles with a variety of earthly materials including water, dirt, sand, and more! With an empty glass bottle in hand, simply point at the node that you wish to capture then click to fill the bottle. Conversely, using a filled bottle will empty it, thus allowing you to reuse the empty glass bottle.

On their own, filled bottles are only good for collecting and decoration. However, other mods may wish to make use of filled bottles for other purposes, such as for ingredients in cooking or chemistry. It's also possible to define your own filled bottles; see the API section below for details.

Bottles function in a very similar fashion to buckets, but one key difference is that bottles do not displace nor dispense any nodes. Filling a bottle from a target node simply 'transforms' the empty glass bottle into a filled bottle, and emptying a filled bottle turns it back into an empty glass bottle. On a technical level, bottles don't 'carry' their contents the way buckets do.

Filled Bottle Types

By default, the following nodes from Minetest Game can be bottled to create a filled bottle of their type:

  • Water
  • River Water
  • Lava
  • Dirt
  • Dry Dirt
  • Grass
  • Dry Grass
  • Sand
  • Desert Sand
  • Silver Sand
  • Gravel
  • Tundra Moss
  • Coniferous Litter
  • Rainforest Litter
  • Snow


Want to create your own filled bottles? Use the bottles.register_filled_bottle function to register a filled bottle for any node you like. The function takes in a single table argument that conforms to the following:

  target = <string or array>, -- the node to target for a bottle to be filled
                              -- from; either a string for a single node name
                              -- or an array that is a list of node names

  name = <string>, -- a name for the filled bottle item; will be prefixed with
                   -- `bottles:`, so don't include any such namespace; default
                   -- value is "bottle_of_" + the name of the target node

  description = <string>, -- the display name of the filled bottle; default
                          -- value is "Bottle of " + the description of the
                          -- target node

  contents = <string>, -- the node that represents the contents of this bottle;
                       -- default value is the target node, or the first node in
                       -- the list of target nodes

  image = <string>, -- the image to use for the contents of the filled bottle;
                    -- the first 16x16 pixels of this image will be rendered
                    -- 'inside' of the bottle; default value is the tile image
                    -- of the target node, or the first of such tiles of the
                    -- target node

  sound = <string>, -- the name of a sound that conforms to the Minetest sound
                    -- spec; played at a high pitch when a bottle is filled or
                    -- spilled; default value is `nil`

For example, this is the registration for a bottle of water:

  target = "default:water_source",
  sound = "default_water_footstep",
  name = "bottle_of_water",
  description = "Bottle of Water",

Note that this mod expects the target node(s) to be registered with Minetest prior to registering a filled bottle of its type, so if you wish to define new filled bottles with your own node targets, make sure to call minetest.register_node before calling bottles.register_filled_bottle. Also remember to add bottles to your dependency list in your mod's mod.conf file.

If you wish to further extend the uses and capabilities of empty glass bottles or filled bottles, the functions assigned to the on_use field of the bottles are defined as bottles.fill (assigned to empty glass bottles to fill them with a targeted material) and bottles.spill (to empty the contents of a filled bottle). These functions are provided so that you can override them or wrap them in programming logic -- a task that is beyond the scope of this documentation.



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