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Climb through trees and glide through forests with Leafstride! This mod gives natural substance to leaves, allowing players to climb and walk through all forms of leaves. Although Leafstride allows players to move through leaves, the dense foliage will slow players down as they pass through -- but as a bonus, this also allows leaves to gently break a player's fall!

How to Use

Simply download and install Leafstride and it will automatically apply to all of the leaves in your world. Every node in your world that has group:leaves will be modified.

The movement resistance caused by leaves can be configured via Settings > All Settings > Content: Mods > Leafstride. The value can range from 0 to 7; a value of 0 will not slow players down at all while a value of 7 will slow players down greatly. The default value of 2 offers a good middle ground.



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