Randomly generated teleportation network that can teleport players between gates throughout the world


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Discover the Worldgates, an ancient teleportation network that can carry you to distant lands in an instant. Despite their long abandonment, the Worldgates are still highly functional. They can be found throughout the world, some more intact than others, and each adorned in stone by the elder hands that wrought them.

Gates found at the surface of the world are linked randomly to neighboring gates, and gates found at elevations above and below ground are linked to gates on the surface. To use a Worldgate, right-click its active teleportation beacon. But understand the danger of teleporting through a random gate as it may take you very far from your starting point with no way back!

The gates can be linked to any gate through use of mese crystal fragments, and additional teleportation beacons can be crafted. To learn more, see the Telemosaic mod which is the teleportation technology that underpins the Worldgates.

For the truly brave of heart who wish to fundamentally alter their Worldgate experience, see the mod settings and the API documentation.


  • Worldgates will only generate in parts of the world that have not yet been explored.
  • By default, Worldgates will generate roughly every 1000 nodes between (0,0,0) and 29000 nodes in every direction for a possible total of 195112 Worldgates per world (although many will not generate if midair spawning is disabled which it is by default); this can be configured via mod settings.


  • When you first approach a newly discovered Worldgate, it may take a few seconds to become fully active.
  • Teleportation has a five-second cooldown to prevent spamming and to give new Worldgates a little extra time to configure themselves.
  • Rarely, a Worldgate may fail to link to a neighboring Worldgate, thus leaving you stranded at your destination.
  • Rarely, depending on the terrain, a Worldgate can fail to generate.



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  • Awesome for enabling exploring of the whole world

    This is a great extension and use of telemosaic! I suppose it's most useful when players don't have homes or much time/resources invested in a specific location but wants to travel extensively.

    Some worldgates are generated on near vertical surfaces and other unfortunats locations (which begs for an easy to use find_flat_surface type of function/mod to be written, since it's such a reoccuring problem)

  • they loom!

    Very fancy, atmospheric native teleportation with detailed settings, great use of telemosaic. Like a mysterious remainder of an ancient civilization.

    For easy mode, carry a mirror of returning.

    It's working again, and like a dream! I love how they are each a bit different, beautifully shaped and then occasionally one has obsidian as part of it, or lava sources, or flowing water underneath. Makes one wonder what other little touches there are. For extra chaos, you can absolutely let that water or lava cascade down into the world from ten kilometres up in the air too. If you are a horrible goose.

    One more issue maybe? worldgate.breakage = 0 doesn't work as I expected (some still generate broken, first one to do that was miles up in the air, because of course :D) . But worldgate.native.spread and worldgate.native.xzjitter are working as I thought they would (they didn't while the Weird Bug was happening).

    Ok, here is what seems to have happened this time. The gate was not physically broken, it was actually very thoroughly extended. But like other midair gates before it, it wanted to teleport me back to ground level, which was too far for it, so the message was not "you need to add extenders for 120 nodes", but "you need to add extenders for 7205 nodes". Needy. If they insist on sending one back to the safety of the surface (not complaining, either behaviour is fine), then they require massive range.