Hot Air Balloons by Eran

Adds craftable and controllable hot air balloons.

This mod adds craftable and ridable hot air balloons to minetest.


right click with coal: increase heat and buoyancy

right click without coal: enter or leave balloon

left, right, up, down (default WASD): accelerate the balloon

sneak (default shift): decrease heat, lowering buoyancy

jump (default space): turn the balloon towards where the player is looking

dependencies: default, bucket

Crafting recipe:

[P] := paper

[W] := wood

[L] := lava bucket

[ ] := nothing



[ ][W][ ]

See license.txt for proper license information.

Author of code

NetherEran (LGPL v2.1)

Authors of media (models, textures)


NetherEran (CC BY-SA 3.0):



hot_air_balloons_balloon_model.png --Contains default_wood.png (by BlockMen) and default_aspen_wood.png (by sofar) (derived from default_pine_wood by paramat)


NetherEran (CC BY-SA 3.0):

ballon.blend (= hot_air_balloons_balloon.obj)