Hot Air Balloons by Eran

Adds craftable and controllable hot air balloons.

This mod adds craftable and ridable hot air balloons to minetest. It is compatible with minetest game, and MineClone2.

I've only tested this with MT 5.0, there possibly will be problems with lower versions.


right click with coal: increase heat and buoyancy

right click without coal: enter or leave balloon

left, right, up, down (default WASD): accelerate the balloon

sneak (default shift): decrease heat, lowering buoyancy

jump (default space): turn the balloon towards where the player is looking

Crafting recipes: minetest game and games based on it:


Author of code

NetherEran (LGPL v2.1)

Authors of media (models, textures)


NetherEran (CC BY-SA 3.0):



hot_air_balloons_balloon_model.png --Contains default_wood.png (by BlockMen) and default_aspen_wood.png (by sofar) (derived from default_pine_wood by paramat)


NetherEran (CC BY-SA 3.0):

ballon.blend (= hot_air_balloons_balloon.obj)