For Minetest 5.4 and above

How do I install this?


Is a mod that adds new tools, items and nodes mainly such as quartz, cobalt, bronze and a wrench tool. adds gearboxes and ores such as cobalt, quartz and opacious

Currently not maintained as i dont have enough time available for developing this mod.



currently a planned tier of machine is wind and water powered and will use axles and gearboxes for power tranfer in upper tiers will use technic power api for powering the machines and a electric motor will be added to make use of the electric power to power mechanical machines with axles


a planned tier that uses techic power

Upcoming Features

Tree sap for making rubber

Leaf Infection (currently implemented partially as opacious ore) <-- will be available on 0.2.1 as had no time to fully implement for 0.2.0

Infected Grass

Infected Logs

Burnt Logs

Items and Nodes that are going to be deprecated or changed

quartz(will be deprecated and replaced with quartz mod as dependency) charcoal(will be implemented better to be compatible with logs from other mods than just default) opacious ore (will be revorked into a ore that is a tree dicease and a lua configuration option to disable will be added)


the mod is being developed and is in its early stages currently includes only basic items

electrica and electrica_plastic are in middle of being merged to be only electrica as they no longer work without each other and separation is unnecessary which can be found in their broken unstable state in the "unstable" branch in Github <--- Now Merged

if you want to use the fully working version(s) of the mod(s) they are available for download (installable) through here if on 5.x.x or if on 0.4.16 and 0.4.17 through github master branch or from "legacy" branch when added



Do you recommend this mod?

  • You should either improve or remove this mod

    This mod is just a weird useless and totally off from the title mod. It has nothing which could make it worth playable rather it has things to make players go away from your mod. Firstly your mod has many undefined textures of many blocks. Obtaining blocks is completely useless because obtaining it is just a waste of time and energy. Crafting blocks is also useless as your mod has no work assigned to the objects except for wrench which works but is just like the screwdriver, the gearboxes have no use just a stationary useless block. Lastly I would say your mod has just used my space up due to its uselessness and gives error after error Either fix it or remove your mod due to the above reasons