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Minetest Pizzaria mod that adds advanced pizza baking as a late-game food source

"Why the name?" you may ask. I made this mod as a birthday present to my good friend Jely, so the whole mod is in his honour!

Due to MTG's lack of animals and certain plants I've added the rather silly "Mese Mutation Crystal" to turn other items into the ones needed.

- Mutations:

  • Mutating an apple gives a tomato
  • Mutating an apple with two pine leaves gives pineapple
  • Mutating a player's bones gives 9 Meat
  • Mutating blueberries gives olives And probably the wackiest of all:
  • Mutating Gold fives cheese

- Curing:

Pepperoni has to be cured, craft your pepperoni then hang it from your ceiling until it's fully cured.

- Pizza prep

  1. Craft a bucket of water with flour to make 2x Pizza dough
  2. Place the pizza dough then punch it with a rolling pin until it breaks and is rolled out into a pizza base
  3. Place on your cheese, and tomato sauce
  4. Add whatever 1-2 toppings your heart desires
  5. Place your pizza into your pizza oven and stoke the fire with tree logs
  6. Ignite your fire with a torch by punching it
  7. Wait until your pizza is done, be careful not to burn it!
  8. Finally remove your pizza and place it down in a pizza box or on your table
  9. Cut it up and enjoy!

And somewhere deep in the dungeons of this world, you may find a slice of the coveted "Heart attack in a circle" Pizza. Said to be crafted by Jely Himself.



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  • Yessir

    This is one of the greatest mods ever, this mod is ATLEAST equal to waffles. The process of making these pizzas are soo fun! Great job Extex!

  • Very great mod, but unfortunately not for Mineclon(e2/ia)

    I think it is cool, that the "Pizza Oven" has no graphical interface! I like the textures too.

    Only 2 thinks:
    1. I think, it would be better, if the Oven went on with a flint an steal, not with a torch.
    2. Mineclone2 is the most popular game, but this mod needs the default mod wich Mineclone do not has. I can transfer "Pizzaria" in Mineclone, if it is ok?!? I would need maximum 1 week.

    Plearse answer! :)

  • It's a pretty nice mod

    but i don't know how to put the torch inside the oven?, does it need something special before doing it?

  • Really fun in world cooking.

    This is a great dynamic. Works very well in game. The only thing I'd recommend is removing node states like the flattened raw dough, active oven, etc from creative inventory. I also added group:food_cheese and a few other tweaks to make it work well with mods. But, it's excellent as is, a lot of fun.

  • pizza pizza

    really well made pizza texture and mod i ever seen

  • Nice take on making pizza

    Suitable for restaurants and looks nice too. Like the aspect that you get the experience of making the pizza rather than crafting it. Good job!