Mineclone2 Heart bar animations

Adds a simple (and hacky) animation to the heart bar in Mineclone2 similar to Minecraft.

Work in Progress HUD

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This mod takes a somewhat hacky approach to adding a shaking and flashing animation to the heart bar in Mineclone 2.

Example: Gif Link


3.0 - Fixed and improved most of the code in the mod. Now it should actually work as well as adjusting for creative/survival mode. Also changed the hearts to flash three times for taking damage and twice for healing (actually like minecraft).

2.1 - Fixed the background not flashing sometimes

2.0b - Added a shaking animation when low on health (4 hp or less)

1.1 - Changed the animation so that it flashes twice for damage but only once for healing. (More like Minecraft).

1.0 - Added basic flashing animation



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  • Very nice mod

    well made mod, but i would add this code at line 126 and 114:

    -- player died, reset the hearts offset reset_pos(player)

    so the player dies and then respawns with offset hearts