Sponges that remove water in an area around them.

They can be used to remove large amounts of water in survival, where worldedit would not be an option

  • Soggy sponges are found deep in the sea, where it is dark (below -11), and are quite rare (lights are recommended).
  • These can be cooked into dry sponges, and then placed near a liquid to remove an area of it.
  • They will hold the water away until they are removed.
  • They turn in to soggy sponges when used, so to use them again, they have to be cooked.

How it works:

  • Sponges create a 9x9 area of air-like nodes that water can't flow through (checks for protection in each position).
  • If sponges have cleared more than 3 nodes of liquid, they become soggy sponges.
  • Removing a sponge or soggy sponge will turn air-like nodes in the 9x9 area back into air, as long as they are not in the area of another sponge.

(Air-like nodes can be removed even if protected, by removing a sponge outside the protection. they are not meant to be permanent)



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