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Grants special effects to Mese blocks allowing for teleporters made of gold and Mese. When a player punches a gold block which is next to a Mese block, he/she is teleported 100 blocks in the direction of the Mese block relative to the gold block. More Mese placed in a line adds to the transport distance.

Lines of Mese can be placed on more than one side of a gold block to create diagonal teleporters! However, Mese blocks on opposing sides cancel each other's power.

If used carefully, complex teleportation networks can be set up allowing for teleporting around the land or for traveling up and down vertical mineshafts quickly.

As of December 11, 2020, this mod also has compatibility with MineClone2



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  • brilliant

    It seems linear, so under 2000 mese blocks to travel from corner to corner? Can't say how balanced that is, since the one server I'm really familiar with has cheap mese, but so far it's been an excellent addition to it.

    A sound effect could still improve it? Ideally something different from both travelnet and the tinkle of telemosaic.

    Watch out: it doesn't check where you will land. And, watch out: it calculates from wherever you stood when you punched, so the landing platform / roomneeds to be pretty big.

    In short, it'sa n elegant mechanic and why isn't it more popular.