A mod for Mineclone2 and Mineclonia with new food.

Work in Progress Food / Drinks

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For Minetest 5.5 and above

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A mod for Mineclone with much more food, for example cherries. If you have tips and Ideas for this mod, write them in the Reviews.


  1. Cherry (a drop of cherryleaves)
  2. Cherryjuce (cherry, glassbottle)
  3. Cherrycake (wheat, cherry, milk)
  4. Cherrysugar (cherry, sugar)
  5. Cherryloly (cherrybonbon, stick)
  6. Sandcake (without Alcohol) (wheat, milk, sand)
  7. Firecake (wheat, milk, blaze-powder)
  8. Sunfloweroil (sunflower, glassbottle)
  9. Cherrybonbon (cook: cherrysugar)
  10. Cherry Icecream (bowl, milk, cherry)
  11. Sweet Berry Icecream (bowl, milk, sweet berry)
  12. Roasted Potatoes (sunfloweroil, baked potatos)

Ideas for the future:

  1. Candier (+candied apple + candied cherry + candied sweet berry)
  2. Ice-cream-maker (+more ice-cream-kinds)



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