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How do I install this?

This is a 8x8 texture pack for MT.



Do you recommend this texture pack?

  • One of the cutest texture packs!

    Textures are very pleasing to look at, and my house now looks adorable with this texturepack. The grass block texture is very dark and cold though, I must say... So the grass is very bright next to it, which makes it look a bit wierd. So if you could make a grass texture that fits with the grass block, it would look a bit better in my opinion. But other than that, it's really cute!

  • Nice textures

    It makes the nodes more compact, it looks like smaller but cooler. Nice job! It's clean! I especially like the copper block, it's so satisfying now... I just cannt use it on build servers because it doesn't affects mods (normal, I didn t ask more) and other players that doesn't have the same texture pack wont find my builds good. But it's so SMOOTH!!! SMOOOOOOOOOTHH! I LOVE IT!

  • smaller but clear nodes

    This texture pack manage to downscale the main default nodes while still leaving their features very recognizable and due to the size (8x8) it loads very fast.

  • My new favourite tp!

    This is very cool texture pack! Tysm! I really hope you are going to continue this! Nice work.