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For Minetest 5.0 and above

How do I install this?

This mod adds in formspec laptops. The laptops/computers give you the ability to play games and send emails plus many other things.

Additional Apps to use:



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Only working computer mod

    This is the only working computer mod. It features a lot of apps, such as calculator, tnt and external storage. I appreciate your work!

    Suggestions you might consider: (Not all of them are possible, just suggestions.)

    • More games, e.g. Tic Tac Toe, Sudoku
    • Interact with digilines
    • Startup screen
  • Great mod for relaxing.

    A few days ago I applied this mod on my server and have only had good experiences with it. I can distribute rules updates, job applications, and print pages. Also, the other members of my server can relax and unwind with a game of tetris.

  • Is there any way I can pre-write some data in a outside USB stick?

    Is there any way I can pre-write some data in a outside USB stick?

  • It's a pretty nice mod

    but the problem is, when i try to use the computer, you know, first punching it then right clicking it to use it, it shuts down quickly while i try using the computer, which it makes no sense at all, is there a way we could have a tutorial?

  • Great mod, couple issues

    Spamming symbols like comma, and semicolon in the filename when saving causes that number of errors to spam user clients, and can be used to create massive table entries inside the file listing that are moderately broken. This can be used to crash clients and fill the memory of the server potentially. If writing functions into the table inside the file name this issue or another bug might be able to call on the arbitrary function data from elsewhere in the server's LuaJIT addon subsystem execution environment. Creating a restricted file name length may not solve the issue, as mods and custom setups can create shortened global variables which still allow execution of the assigned functions. Multiple laptop mod machine memories can also be harnessed to distribute the amount of code needed for exploitation. Simply shortening file names might not be a solution.

  • Super cool

    This mod is impressive, usable, and fun to use. The in game usable apps makes it fun. Just one request to add more games and apps.

  • good computer mod

    the only thing i need PLS is linux distros and no we don't speak of VIndRUS here or mAc oSpyware also openBSD would be cool and techage support (and appliances that use techage power like chargers smart lights and so on )

  • Missing items i ncrafting recipes.

    FOr every crafting reciple accosiated with this mod, there is a missing item.


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