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How do I install this?

This pack was mainly made by Aurailus. (I only made the hotbar and a rendition of the title screen (which was edited by Aurailus))



Do you recommend this texture pack?

  • Remix of some other texture packs

    Sadly, the styles of this texture pack seem to conflict quite a lot. Some of the textures are slightly modified from minetest_game textures, some of them are slightly modified from PixelPerfection, and some of them are from Isabella II. In general, it feels like a mess of existing textures.

  • I love it!

    The best base texture pack. I would not recommend it as a full texture pack for a full game, but rather as a base for a game that is a fork of MTG.

  • My favorite texturepack

    It doesnt even provide a texture for every node of default Minetest Game, but it still fits together well with the default textures, so thats ok. The only thing I dont like is the Hud-bar – i think a pixelated one would fit the rest much better, but thats maybe only my view.

    What I realy love is the realism it creates while staying inside the limitations of a 16x16 scaling – what imho fits best for that kind of games. Especially the depth it adds to all the Bricked and Cobbled Stone variants – and above all the Stones with Ores or Diamond Veins – is really stunning. I think the grass looks very grassy, the dirt dirty and sand like it crumbles. Finally the colours mostly are a refreshing replicat of natures original. And those pros are actually my most importaint features a the texturepack I us should have...

    So whoever likes realistic 16x16 textures should give it a try!

    PS. Maybe a screenshot showing off a scene with Cobble Stone and some Ores would represent the TP even better? Something like that?

  • Nice!

    These textures are great they change in a good way the traditional look of minetest