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"golden lava" adds a fun gold lava decoration (gold color) for decorative use, can appear underground very rarely, a very nice achievement for those who spend time mining

not in inventory /giveme lavagold:bucketlavagold



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  • What even?

    This mod is literally just MTG lava copy&pasted, except it's less bright, deals more damage, is NOT an igniter, and has a different texture. It has nothing to do with gold.

    How did this mod not get rejected? It doesn't add any remotely meaningful gameplay (pretty sure that violates 2.2. State of Completion).

  • Weird world we live in

    I could sense what that maintainer of this mod wanted to make, but seriously it is quite hilarious of finding such a decoration deep underground.

    Well I have a suggestion to why not make this lava not only craftable but also able to form gold

  • What even

    This doesn't look golden or like lava. Besides that, this is entirely useless. I suppose as a starter project it's fine, liquids are one of the harder things to do as a beginner (from my experience) but it just does not add anything of value.

  • it look like some kind of soup

    yeah not lying it look like soup

    such a shame that this weird texture got approved and not mine that i spent hours porting it into minetest

  • wow an update, now we have lavagold PART (CHAPTER) 2!!!!1141!

    can't wait to see what did the LAVAGOLD v2 deliver to us