Real World Time

Syncs the time in-game with the real-world time.

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How do I install this?

Real World Time

Real World Time is a Minetest mod that syncs in-game time with the real-world time, so that the time in the game will always be the same as the time in real life. As a result, the day-night cycle will sync with the real-world one and will cycle at the same speed as the real world.

How it works

If enabled, this mod syncs the time of your world with your system clock and adjusts the game's time-speed to be the same as the real-world. Then, it verifies every 60 seconds to make sure the time is properly synced.


To manually sync the time with the real-world time, run:


To stop syncing and restore the default time speed, run:


The server priv is required to run the commands.

Disabling the Mod

To disable this mod and not sync the time anymore, run /unsync_time, close the world, and disable this Mod.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • A great idea

    From now on, this is the only way I'm gonna see the sun in real time.

  • Simple yet original mod

    Although this mod is so simple, nobody had this idea before, so it's an original idea :-). If I play at day, it will keep my world sunny (in creative mode the night is awful for me as I can't see anything and therefore, I cannot work in my buildings), and if I play at night I can just disable it (this is a feature I was going to ask for, but you added it before, so thanks). And this also makes worlds even more realistic, so thanks for such useful mod!!!