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Adds the following items:

Kettle Grill
Propane Grill
Beef Map (Wall Hanging)
Smoker Blueprint (Wall Hanging)
Lump Charcoal (fuel)
Charcoal Briquettes (fuel)
Bag O' Charcoal (fuel)
Propane (fuel)
Chimney Smoke (Place on top of a chimney)

Wood Pile
Acaica Wood Pile
Aspen Wood Pile
Junglewood Wood Pile
Pine Wood Pile

Basting Brush
Grill Brush

Sea Salt
Molasses (byproduct of Sugar)
Yeast (Can be found when harvesting grass and jungle grass)

Liquid Smoke
Hot suace
BBQ Sauce
Steak sauce
Vinegar Mother

Beef (Raw & Cooked)
Rack of Lamb (Raw & Cooked)
Leg of Lamb (Raw & Cooked)
Ham (Raw & Cooked)
BBQ Chicken (Raw & Cooked)
BBQ Beef Ribs (Raw & Cooked)
Hot Wings (Raw & Cooked)
Hamburger Patty (Raw and Cooked)
Bacon Cheeseburger
Hot Dog
Hotdog (Raw and Cooked)
Pulled Pork Sandwich
London Broil (Raw and Cooked)
Stuffed Porkchop (Raw and Cooked)
Beef Jerky (Raw & Cooked)
Pepper Steak (Raw & Cooked)
Bacon  (Raw & Cooked)
Stuffed Pepper
Cheese Steak  (Raw & Cooked)
Grilled Pizza (Raw & Cooked)
Grilled Tomato
Brisket  (Raw & Cooked)
Corned Beef  (Raw & Cooked)
Veggie Kebabs  (Raw & Cooked)
Lamb Kebabs  (Raw & Cooked)
Smoked Pepper  (Raw & Cooked)
Grilled Corn  (Raw & Cooked)
Stuffed Mushroom  (Raw & Cooked)
Portebello Steaks  (Raw & Cooked)
Pickled peppers
Veggie Packets  (Raw & Cooked)



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  • Buggy + Extremely Modding Unfriendly (No Longer Updated Either)

    Although I haven't tested the mod fully and thus cannot make a true true review.

    I've been seeing about how to implement compatibiltiy for this mod with my eating mod after seeing it be featured as an optional dependency for Annalysa's Sandwiches. There are no useful groups I can use to determine whether or not something is edible, and accidentally made it so you could drink the spatula while developing...

    On the spatula, even without my mod's mingling, it crashes the game if you point at the air with it as it expects a vector for something... If you're a server owner, do not use this mod without heavy modifications - it hasn't been updated for over 5 years anyways lol


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