You're on a strange planet, with 8 exciting biomes and a perpetual night, but beware, there are monsters ready to hunt you!

Mapgen / Biomes / Decoration Minetest Game improved One-of-a-kind / Original Player vs Environment (PvE)

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New Planet 1.2

You're on a strange planet, with 8 exciting biomes and a perpetual night, but beware, there are monsters ready to hunt you! This subgame is relatively lightweight and is quite unique and special, it has a comprehensive guide book full of tips and rewarding quests, unique and exciting biomes, and a beautiful skybox.

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  • 8 New and Excting Biomes
  • Cube Mobs
  • Quest Book
  • Music

Mod List

  • Creative
  • Cube_Mobs
  • Default
  • Dye
  • Findbiome
  • HudBars
  • Item_Drop
  • MobKit
  • MPD
  • New Horizons
  • New Planet (CORE)
  • Player_API
  • Quest Lib
  • Quests
  • Skybox
  • Unified_Inventory
  • WITT

Not all mods inside of this subgame is made by me, My mods include

  • Default (Modified)
  • Cube Mobs (Modified)
  • New Horizons
  • New Planet
  • Quests
  • Skybox (Modified)



Do you recommend this game?

  • Enjoyable exploration.

    the biomes are stunning and create interesting sights with the terrain. The perpetual twilight gives a relaxing vibe.

    Once you encounter some monsters, you realize that perhaps you do need to keep an eye out, and be a bit more careful. Restoring your full health is a worthy challenge, if you choose to take it on.

  • wonderfull

    i was looking around content db when found this sub game. i thought of installing the game. i did it and now i has no regrets. its wonderfull the background music is sick. btw can i get permission for making a youtube video on this subgame i think no had made one. nice and beautifull

  • Unique game

    Music is great, the landscape looks great, and the mobs are done in mobkit. What more could you want?

  • Yellow cubes shoot bullets too fast that most of the time they hit the character so no one is encouraged to attack them, you lose more than what you can gain, assuming that they drop a meat piece of course to recover part of your life, otherwise the fight is completely worthless. A trick to kill them “more safely” 😒 is placing at least 2 blocks in front of them and killing them from a side or trapping them with blocks by creating a small block formation around them (but it's a nice tactic against almost any enemy from other mods 😉️). 4 pillars 2 blocks tall around them is enough. Bullets fly through blocks corners though so mind where you stay. Also, once enemies are hit sometimes they do a sudden dash to the character making fights risky in any way you engage them, I've fought enough to see them dash so fast that they run through the character and I find them behind him or I'm attacking them and continuously pushing them away but their glitchy movements waste my fights because they seem teleporting from a point to another. I feel that a part of a soundtrack is from Halo: Combat Evolved 🤔️.

  • Beatuiful

    Your game is exciting to play due to its totally new biomes and exciting venture. But one request to make the spefic biome stone descend the whole of the world and some kind of alienoid bedrock layer at the bottom of the world so it does not look like a weird place



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