Box World 3D

A puzzle game where you push boxes into marbles, whilst avoiding obstacles

One-of-a-kind / Original Puzzle

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This is a really simple game: You push boxes by walking into them. You can't push more than one box at once. Your task is to put all boxes to spots marked by marbles. A box gets coloured red when it stands on a marked spot. And since the game is 3D, you can move all 6 directions: left, right, forward, backward, up, down.

There are 7 levels so far and it is possible to add more. Feel free to contribute some ;)



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  • Short and Sweet

    If you are familiar with Sokoban (and who isn't, at this point?), you should know what to expect here. Seeing it done in 3D with Minetest is a novel concept, and as short as the game was I genuinely enjoyed my time with it. Be warned--with 7 levels, the game is only 5-10min in length. If this game cost money, I wouldn't be happy with my purchase... but luckily it's free, so I can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who's bored on their lunch break!

    With that said, I'd be remiss to ignore the places where the game could improve. First is level count, but more importantly level quality. There are 7 levels, but I think levels 5 and 7 are the only ones that really require the player to really stop and think to solve them. Granted, it's important to have simple introductory levels, but having only two "proper" puzzles is unfortunate.

    I'd also say that while the graphics are nice, the game feels generally unpolished. There's absolutely no audio, no effects or feedback aside from boxes turning red, and the player jerks to a halt on every 'tile' even when the movement buttons are held. And when the final level ends, it just restarts with barely any acknowledgement that you beat it. These might not seem huge, but I believe that making a game feel good to play is almost as important as making it function in the first place.

    I think this alright game could grow into a really great game if it's given more development time, and I hope it receives that time.

  • Short, but cool mechanic

    I really like the game mechanic and the idea behind this. It's very cool to see Minetest games that aren't just your classic survival sandboxes

    Just I was starting to enjoy it, it ended though :(

    I think it would be good to see sound effects and music, more levels, and perhaps improvements to the player movement (it felt a big choppy and weird to use, although, I suspect you'll be limited by Minetest in this). Another thing that might be useful would be to add a prompt to the first level like "Push boxes into the orbs!"

  • Great Concept, Well-Executed, Fun

    This is great concept and well-executed. Once you get the hang of movement the rest is simple and easy to learn, but there is a smooth learning curve to the existing puzzles, and room for a lot of challenging puzzles in the future.

    The game itself is short, but there are instructions on how to create and submit new levels right in the project README; adding a "puzzle creation mode" to the game itself might be a way to encourage players to submit more levels. It also feels like it could be easy to extend the concept with new mechanics, like spaces only the player (not boxes) can enter, one-way movement spaces, etc. I would very much like to see more of this in the future.

  • Very good game concept and design

    I like the concept of this game! But some levels are very hard and it seems there is no admin command to skip a level.

    Also, enabling creative priv ingame will break inventory formspec.

  • A brain teaser

    Sudouku in proper 3d instead of being the same 2d game in ether 1st person or with 3d models. Is something that you almost never see especaly with this level of execution.

  • Good game

    Nice game, the concept is well-minded, the only problem is the reset, you should add a reset button or make the map resets when the box is in a corner, else, we must delete the map (delete is optionnal, but else, it doesn't serve to anything) and make another one. Great game. Continue creating content as this one!

  • Simple, Satisfying and Casual game

    I love how the boxes move smoothly. The Physics is well done. The puzzles are satisfying to do and yeah small amount of levels.



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