Minesweeper 3D

Play Minesweeper in an unlimited space and in 3D!


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How do I install this?

Break blocks which don't contain any mine, right-click blocks with mines. The numbers show how many mines are in their 26-neighbourhood.

There is currently no punishment for a wrong decision. I plan adding a scoreboard later.



Do you recommend this game?

  • very fun for the logic game enthusiast

    like CalebJ, i also encountered this during a period of extended downtime on the tunnelers' abyss server, and found it almost as fun =D. the infinite nature of the game ensures that you'll always have plenty of areas you can solve if you ever get stuck in one place.

  • Almost great

    Digging a bomb currently leaves a permanent stain in your world, which is an appealing alternative to nuking the whole world, though I'd love to get that hardcore option. The fact that digging takes some time makes the misclicks of classic minesweeper unlikely, though it also takes some of the pace out of the game.

    The most glaring problem is that currently the game mostly plays itself. right-clicking flags bombs, but also reveals any non-bombs. Spam right-click to win.

  • Mindboggling paradise

    I played this game for almost a week when the Tunnelers' Abyss main server was down, and it can definitely be quite addicting at times! Learning 3D minesweeper itself was a bit of a challenge, it's quite a bit harder than 2D minesweeper. But once you get the hang of it, you'll only get faster and faster. A similar 3D minesweeper game can be accessed at http://egraether.com/mine3d/ which helped me to understand it a bit better.

    Right-click a block to mark it as a bomb, dig it if you think it isn't one.

    Sometimes you can come to a place where there is no continuation without a 'guess' (or at least I thought so), especially on corners - you'll just have to take your chances, or find a different place where there is a solution. Large "cave"-like expanses can open up where bombs don't occur, creating some 2D-like environments where solving is particularly easy, and a large number of solve-able 'exits'.

    Highly recommended if you're looking for a mind challenge. Now we just need 4D chess!



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