Public teleport location bookmarks

Add commands to manage public positions of interest

Transport World Maintenance and Tools

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For an up to date description, please refer to the github page.

This mod adds chatcommands for locations to which players can teleport:

  • Teleport to a location: /go <bookmark_name>
  • List all locations: /listgo
  • Add a new location (admin only): /setgo <bookmark_name>
  • Remove a location (admin only): /delgo <bookmark_name>

By default, in Minetest there is only the spawn chatcommand which specifies a location where any player can teleport to at any time (correct me if I'm wrong). However, on many servers there are more than just one interesting location. For example, there may be multiple spawn positions because the spawn point has been migrated over time. In my experience, the go chatcommand is a convenient way for the player to move to a well-known public location. In comparison to other teleportation mods, such as travelnet and teleporter stones, the player does not need to go to, for example, a travelnet centre to visit another location.

The mod is based on mauvebic's bookmarks mod .



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