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For Minetest 5.0 and above

How do I install this?

Inspired by the ChatGames plugin from minecraft. It adds the ability to chat messages that ask for a response, if answered correctly then they get a reward.


Use /chatgame toggle to toggle visibility of the chat-game's to you.


Use chatgames.new_game_interval setting, to set (in seconds) the interval in seconds between games. Use chatgames.time_to_complete setting, to set the amount of time players have to answer(in seconds).

Technical API Examples

chatgames.register_game(game_name, answer_func)
chatgames.register_question(game_name, question, answer, is_case_sensitive) -- if is not case sensitive then both the answer and the question will be converted to lower case, and the attempt text will be converted to lowercase too before running the answer func.
chatgames.start_game(game_name)            -- At game start it says, "[CHATGAMES] You have [time_to_complete] seconds to answer the question '[question]'"
chatgames.end_game(game_name, has_winners) -- If endgame runs and there are no winners then it returns to the players chat "[CHATGAMES] Nobody got it in time, the answer was '[answer]'" = {}
chatgames.active_game = {}

-- Example use case
function example_answer_func(game_name, player_name, attempt_str, time_given_in_seconds, time_used, question_id_selected)
    local question_data =[game_name].questions[question_id_selected]
    local answer = question_data.answer
    local player = minetest.get_player_by_name(player_name)

    if answer == attempt_str then
        local reward = calculate_reward(time_given_in_seconds, time_given_in_seconds - time_used)
        emeraldbank.add_emeralds(player, reward)
        return true
        return false

-- Example game and question registration
chatgames.register_game("Unscramble", example_answer_func)
chatgames.register_question("Unscramble", "Unscramble the text 'Lpasi Lulzai'", "Lapis Lazuli", false)



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