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proposals introduces a dynamic and interactive way for players to engage in the decision-making process on a server. It allows players to propose changes, vote on them, and manage their proposals. This is designed to foster community involvement and ensure that players have a voice in server developments.


  • Create Proposals: Players can create proposals, each consisting of a title and a detailed description.
  • Vote on Proposals: Every player can cast their vote on any proposal, choosing between 'Yes', 'No', or 'Abstain'.
  • View Proposals: Players can view all active proposals along with their details and current vote counts.
  • Edit Proposals: Admin Players can edit all active proposals along with their details, Owners can also do this with the proposals they made.
  • Delete Proposals: Proposal authors can delete their proposals. Additionally, players with administrative privileges can delete any proposal.
  • Automatic Updates: The list of proposals and vote counts are updated in real-time, reflecting the latest changes made by players.
  • Admin Privilege: A specific privilege (proposals_admin) is available for server administrators or designated players, allowing them to manage all proposals effectively.



  • /proposals: This command opens the main interface of the proposals mod. Here, players can view all active proposals, vote, and access options to create or delete proposals.

Creating a Proposal

  1. Use the /proposals command to open the mod interface.
  2. Click on the 'Add Proposal' button to open the proposal creation form.
  3. Enter a title and a detailed description for the new proposal.
  4. Click 'Submit' to add the proposal to the list.

Voting on a Proposal

  1. Open the main interface with /proposals.
  2. Click on a proposal title to view its details.
  3. Choose 'Vote Yes', 'Vote No', or 'Abstain' to cast your vote.

Deleting a Proposal

  • As the author of a proposal, open the proposal's details and click 'Delete Proposal'.
  • As an admin (with proposals_admin privilege), you can delete any proposal using the same method.

Administrative Privilege

  • Privilege Name: proposals_admin
  • This privilege allows designated players to delete any proposal, regardless of the author.

To grant this privilege to a player, use the Minetest command: /grant <playername> proposals_admin.



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