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PVP Toggle empowers players with the ability to toggle Player vs Player (PVP) interactions, providing a customizable experience in player interactions. This tool is ideal for those who prefer a more collaborative and peaceful environment or for times when engaging in combat isn't desired.


  • PVP Toggle Command: Players can use /toggle_pvp to switch their PVP setting on or off.
  • Flexible Player Interactions: If any player involved in a conflict has PVP disabled, damage between them is prevented.
  • Intuitive Player Settings: PVP preferences are stored as player metadata, maintaining individual choices across sessions.


  • /toggle_pvp: Enables or disables PVP for the player issuing the command. By default, PVP is disabled.


  • Designed to integrate seamlessly with existing player interaction systems.
  • Compatible with various player and combat-related functionalities.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Excellent safety net for less combative players.

    Works well, allows server to be run with PvP enabled but without players always at risk of being killed. There is a conflict with the protectors mod, unless you disable protection from PvP within the protected area. Not a biggy as long as you know.