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I will only be updating this pack for any updates, but this mod is the stable version of the lifesteal_mod. I will rewrite this code to include many more features as another mod.

The Lifesteal Mod is where when you die, you lose a heart, and whoever kills the person, gains an extra heart.

When you kill a player, you get the itemized form of the heart. You have to use the heart in order to be added to the whole hp_max number.

The withdraw privilege will allow to execute the '/withdrawme command.'

The command /withdrawme is to take out a heart from your own health bar. If you are on 1 hearts and you execute this command, it will be an error.

Based off of the Lifesteal SMP in Minecraft.

2022-10-17 - I fixed the hudbars rejoining error. You do not need to rejoin in your world after you join in it.



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  • useless but fun

    now make it so that if you get to 0 hearts you become a werewolf or vampire or other mystical creature depeding on the biome where you got killed