Part 2 of Assets_Warehouse

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For Minetest 5.6 and above

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I don't speak English I upload a new version of Assets Warehouse to Minetest Content DB This is the last version of the mod until 3months,i decide pause the project momentary because in the last version become to big,for made it less than 100MB i have to downgrade the quality of the models and textures,so if i want to create more assets i will have to downgrade the quality,and i have another projects and things to do,i don't decide to leave the project so i still actualize for fix bugs and some minor changes. Changelog V0.5 Care Bears:heart_hole_block,chair,couch,clock,chest Normal:wood_fence and corner,googles,black and red top hat,soviet ushanka and flag Peppert and Carrot:Shichimi kimono,ah hair deco and black,coriander_hat,wasabi_hair_deco, Elpidio Valdez:Zetacio_sword,Elpidio_Valdez_Bandera_del_Ejercito_Espanol V0.4 Now theres a new model(bunny) and skin for select. Peppert and Carrot:zafron_house_furniture,shichimi_little_cauldron,glamour_cloth,mspigeonhat,genieofsucesshat,glamour_hat,peppert_jacket normal:reinforced_iron_shovel and pick,destapador,red_jacket,royal_robe,heavy_hammer,training_sword, survivethedays:plantdecoration 5 V0.3 Fernanda:Itty flower,tocho and petardo hat,fernanda_house furniture 3,chair2,table,tocho chair furniture couch chair,mutant flower Added a diferent texture for the grass,experiment,bomb,lin pao hat,francisco cloth V0.2 Elpidio_Valdez:mambi_hat1,2,mambi_shirt1,2,3,soldier_hat1,2,soldier_shirt,rezoplez_cloth,zetacio_cloth V0.1 Care_bears:tree,tree2,flowers3,flowers4,cloud2,cloud3 Peppert_and_Carrot:dark_knight_sword,pumpkinstar, Normal:pants,..light_blue,shirt,shampo_cloth,bandana Wesnoth:magic_wand



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