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Adds the Music Player, a block that allows players to compose music using individual sounds through codes, the codes can be found in the guide, it has some limitations, though.

Also adds the Disc, a item used to store the "music" made by the players so they can share their music with their friends or just copy and paste it somewhere else easily.

To add music codes in the Music Player sets you have to separate each code with a space.

Current Update:

  • Guide now is truly a guide, it still contains the sounds "Codes" and their origins
  • the sound "Codes" are now displayed aside the sets, no more going back and forth to read then write, only the codes are displayed in the sets, however the origin appears in the guide.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Very versatile but not very clear

    I find it quite fun to play around with the notes and wrote songs, but I think the music box design need some tinkering. The mod work by addind a disk and then going to 'Music Player' and writing the notes you wanna it to play, the problem is there is a lack of intuitiveness on the GUI, the music player has 4 'Sets' field which I assumed were different tracks but it seems like they overlay each other when playing, then the notes itself are in a different tab called 'Guide', which makes writing a song a back and forth process of changing tabs to check which notes are which and if you don't save what you wrote disappear but saving also close the formspec which can be annoying.

    My suggestion would be for the notes to not listed at the side of the sets rather than on another tab so it's easier to write songs, the same may be true with gain but I haven't checked how that works, also it would be good to mention inside the formspec that you have to separate the notes with space since most people would download the mod without reading it here.

    But even as it is, a person not literated in music theory like myself found it incredible easy to write songs and the idea of writing disks and exchanging among other players is quite and interesting one that I haven't seen before. I mostly kept it to the notes, but there is quite a few options to change pitch, fade and gain making the music editor quite a powerful one. I fully recoment the mod!