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----- Adventure Core is a discovery mod! -------

You are encouraged to search far and wide in search of the four elements:

Fire, Water, Earth and Air.

These elements are found more commonly the futher you wander, dig, and climb from spawn, and you must be on the lookout for the chime sound!

When you hear it, an element has jsut spawned near you! Look for something like the title image floating above the terrain. Click/Punch to capture it and you have colelcted a piece of element!

To view how much you have collected, use the pouch (sometimes /pouch in chat).

There is also an adventure shop!

You can craft the shop or use the /shop command. There you will find unique objects and items.

Hint: elements spawn according to what biome you are in

-------- Happy Adventuring! ----------


  • 4 Elements, each are a floating entity in game world, and are clicked on by players
  • These spawn as player walks throughout world. More spawn farther from spawn.
  • They spawn by biome in default. Otherwise, they spawn anywhere.
  • They also make sound, this is how you normally find them. They produce a small amount of light.


Either a chat command (/shop) and/or a craftable block (all set via settings)

Players "spend" elements to purchase adventure items/nodes. These are ideally things only obtainable through the adventure shop.

Starting Items

All players can (via a setting) start with the guidebook, and pouch. One explains the system, the other displays the current total number of elements a player has.

Pouch and Guidebook

If default (minetest game) is present:

  • the player crafts the adventure_shop via normal crafting. This can also be disabled via setting, and a server owner can decide where to place the shop(s) via creative mode.
  • the player can also craft the adventure_guidebook, and adventure_pouch.

if default is not present:

The player can do a command to bring up the formspec for both pouch and guidebook: /guidebook /pouch

In this mode, the shop can be crafted (if enabled) with the /make_shop command, which requires 10 of each element to create.

Built-in Nodes

Adventure core ships with some built-in nodes a player can create in the shop, as well as a (if enabled) craftable shop node.

Built-in ones, 6 static mesh nodes: 1. A small bridge 2. Bozai Tree 3. Rune thing from adventure_pack 4. Bonfire 5. Castle Flag 6. Axe Stump

Integrating with adventure core

To register your nodes and items with the adventure core shop, merely depend on adventure_core in your depends.txt, and use the following function to register:

adv_core.register_object(object_name, lfire, lwater, learth, lair)

Where object name would be: "default:apple" etc. and lfire,lwater... are the element costs.

There are other functions that expose the element system so you can use it for your own rewards system:

adv_core.spawn_element(element_type, pos) --Element_type can be: "fire" "water" "earth" "air"

adv_core.reward_player(name, fire, water, earth, air, notify) --notify is 'true' or 'false', and will tell the player when the action occurs

adv_core.take_from_player(name, fire, water, earth, air, notify)

adv_core.player_can_afford(name, fire, water, earth, air) --returns true if they can

adv_core.player_can_afford_object(name, object_name) --returns true if they can



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