Formspec Editor

A Realtime in-game formspec viewer/editor

Developer Tools GUI

For Minetest 5.2 and above

How do I install this?

Formspec Editor

REALTIME formspec viewer/editor "game" for minetest

Getting Started

This mod needs access to an insecure environment in order to work.

Add formspec_edit to secure.trusted_mods in your minetest.conf file.

The file formspec.spec in your:


contains a formspec you can edit and see updates of in real time. (You can also specify a file location with the formspec_editor.file_path setting.) Simply add the game to MT, load up a level of Formspec Editor, and you will be greeted with the formspec.

  • To make edits, open the file in your editor of choice and make changes as you see fit. When you hit save, the formspec will auto-update. Best when used side by side.
  • To exit just hit <escape> or use a button_exit[] button. Both send the fields.quit message.
  • You can test with images if you want, adding a "textures" folder to the formspec_edit gamemod folder, otherwise images will default to random colors.
  • You can show the formspec with builtin, minetest_game or mineclone2 styling (see the setting)
  • You can change the refresh rate by changing the formspec_editor.update_time setting



Do you recommend this game?

  • Makes creating formspecs a breeze

    This 'game' is excellent. No longer do I need to launch a world, look at a formspec, tweak the code, reload the world. I get instant feedback on changes. Lining different elements up is soo easy with this.

  • Inflexible tool with certain limitations holding it back from being other than a concept.

    "Anything beyond the naive simple things, you're better off just wasting seconds reloading your game than to waste many minutes to rework this tool into something to suit your purposes."

    More in the comments...

  • INSANELY useful for formspec creation

    This game is INCREDIBLE. Its the most efficient way to create formspecs.

  • Loved the idea!

    Super easy way to create formspecs.


    • Add some sort of in-game docs on how to build the UI. A drag'n'drop tool to design the layout would also be amazing but not sure if aplicable.
    • Wondering if the mod could also be added to regular game and be used to edit in-development mod formspecs?
  • Wonderful development tool

    Great for rapid prototyping!



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