Formspec Editor

A Realtime in-game formspec viewer/editor


Formspec Editor

REALTIME formspec viewer/editor "game" for minetest

Getting Started

This mod needs access to an insecure environment in order to work.

Add formspec_edit to secure.trusted_mods in your minetest.conf file.

The file formspec.spec in your:


contains a formspec you can edit and see updates of in real time. (You can also specify a file location with the formspec_editor.file_path setting.) Simply add the game to MT, load up a level of Formspec Editor, and you will be greeted with the formspec.

  • To make edits, open the file in your editor of choice and make changes as you see fit. When you hit save, the formspec will auto-update. Best when used side by side.
  • To exit just hit <escape> or use a button_exit[] button. Both send the fields.quit message.
  • You can test with images if you want, adding a "textures" folder to the formspec_edit gamemod folder, otherwise images will default to random colors.
  • You can show the formspec with builtin, minetest_game or mineclone2 styling (see the setting)
  • You can change the refresh rate by changing the formspec_editor.update_time setting



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