Smoke Signals

Signal your friends, or warn your enemies!

Colors Included

Every wool makes a different colored smoke!


This is a simple mod, that adds a craftable "Smoke Fire", with the following crafting recipe:

stick torch stick
cobble stick cobble

How to use

Once placed, simply hit the fire with any color wool and... poof, a burst of smoke emerges and rises.

Why wool?

Well, original smoke signals were done with a blanket covering the fire...


And be sure to check out my other work for minetest:


All code is LGPL 3.0

Most* textures are CC-by-SA 4.0 by Vanessa Dannenberg, found here:

* one texture, "smoke_fire_ploom_grey.png", and the images linked in this readme are CC-by-SA 4.0 by ExeVirus/Just_Visiting, this author.



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