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BlockAssault [BA.S]

Is a game that gives better PVP for players, with teams and bots support.

This game is specially made for servers, if you want to play alone with bots, install BlockAssault Bots.


  • Weapons for battle (Almost all)

  • Swords support

  • Currency for trading weapons

  • Trading table for all teams

  • SkinsDB & Other skins support

  • Score/Stats for players

  • 2+ teams (Blue/Red/Yellow/Green)

  • Modular system (Game can be overrided completely from other mods need to be bs_tweaks)

  • Uses MTG

  • Various animations for players

Starting the game

With GUI: These options must be set using the GUI:

  • Enable damage: if making a local server for map making, unmark this option
  • Creative mode: If you wanna use map maker this is needed to be marked, else unmarked if not
  • Host server: When making a local / global this need to be marked, else not
  • Port: When making a local or global server this is needed, must be a number, after done, save the port number.
  • If Host Server is marked, players can join there, lan or global. using your specified IP address and the saved port number.


All mods' with their respective license are on LICENSES


All mods stands in ⇒ mods

Join us!

On Discord: Link Is Here!

On MineTest: Address: (Powered again in 25/09/23 19:00)

System Specifications for use

Depends of the game overrider "bs_tweaks".

This game uses the same as other games.



Do you recommend this game?

  • Good Shooter Game

    I quite like first person shooter mode games. Then, when I found this game, I immediately downloaded this game as soon as possible. I like it when I kill a squad containing bots and because I'm playing in singleplayer mode. And ended with my team's points being 3 and the enemy team's points being 0 XD.

    I like the concept of this game which makes me remember the C.O.D games. So far when I play this game there are no errors or bugs at all. But there is something that annoys me when I playing is the bullets that don't run out and only make my inventory always full every time I win a round.

    And that's all the problems I had on this game. For others this game is so good and fun to play:).



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