BlockAssault MapMaker

This game is focused to make maps for BlockAssault [BA.S]

Building Creative Decorative API / Library

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BlockAssaultMapMaker [BAM.S]

This is a game that allows players do his maps for BlockAssault Game


The mapmaking system works like the CTF map maker.

Follow this steps to make a map

  1. Select a area to do the map

  2. Open gui, with '/gui' command

  3. Set positions, from player of manual coordinates.

  4. Set Radius and Height R/H for your map (Theres no limit)

  5. Emerge area.

  6. Place Barriers

  7. Build structures (If needed for map) (Optional)

  8. Place teams. 2 Teams: Red/Blue, 4 Teams: Red/Blue/Green/Yellow

  9. Set your map data, as name, technical name, author, physics.

  10. Export

Remember this can be playable with multiplayer.

How maps works

Works: The maps works as simple mods, so the external decorations (Like homedecor) can be used in.

Mods: The maps can use any type of mods, if the mods provides any decorations or help for your map.

Depends: If the map uses any external mod, remeber to modify 'mod.conf' in your map folder and add in field 'depends' your technical mod name, Comma separated ','


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