Japanese Name

transform your player name to japaNESE (joke)

Joke API / Library

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JP Player Name

Transform your name to Japanese!
dont take this serious, this is a joke

How to use

Using /toggle_jp will toggle if translate your name or not
When true, your player name got replaced by the japanese name, as:
<Kitemo> Hi


Is very easy to use


Table jnese_translate has all keywords
Table jnese has all functions of the JP Pname mod


  • jnese.get_letter(letter): Returns the translation of a letter, example: jnese.get_letter("a") returns "ka"
  • jnese.DoTransform(str): Translates the entire string, example: jnese.DoTransform("I do") returns "Ki temo"
  • jnese.PlayerNameToJapanese(pname): Alias of jnese.DoTransform(str)



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