Allow objects had nametags with observers, colors and range

API / Library

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Nametags 2

Set to the entities a new type of nametag, based on WayPoints and on Observers List, Range (Per block), Color and string style "\n"


The API is easy to use:


  • dnt_api.register_nametag(name_of_nt, definition): Register new nametag
    def = {obj=Object, text="string", range=10, players={Catars=true}, color=0x0}
    name_of_nt = "string, name/id of nametag"
  • dnt_api.insert_player(name_of_nt, player): Add a new player in the nametag
    player = PlayerObj
    name_of_nt = "string, name/id of nametag"
  • dnt_api.update_hard_players(name_of_nt, players): Reset 'nametag' players table and set a new player table
    name_of_nt = "string, name/id of nametag"
    players = {Player1 = true, Player2 = true} --New players table
  • dnt_api.remove_player(name_of_nt, NameObj): Remove a player from 'nametag' players table
    NameObj = PlayerObject or PlayerName
    name_of_nt = "string, name/id of nametag"
  • dnt_api.remove_dynamic_nametag(name_of_nt): Remove nametag
    name_of_nt = "string, name/id of nametag"

Global Tables
There are 3 defined global tables for nametags:

  • dnametag: This table stores all registered NameTags definitions
  • dnt_api: This table have the API of NameTags
  • dnthud: WayPoint Definition (Used to register NameTags)

How NameTags works

Nametags works from WayPoints on huds. Every NameTag has WayPoint for each player, that updates on every server step (From Object Pos)




  1. This mod may produce lag
  2. This mod updates nametags definition (As Pos, Text and Color) on every server step



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