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advfload - advanced forceload library

A Minetest forceloading library. Internally uses transient Minetest API forceloads.


  • Named area forceloads.
  • Forceload limit is neutralized.
  • Exposes information about forceloads to other mods.
  • Persistent forceloads (as well as transient).


advfload.start(name, blockpos[, persistent])
-- Starts forceload `name` at block position `blockpos` (Minetest vector).
-- If a forceload with the same name exists, it will be replaced.
-- Persists the forceload after server restart if `persistent` is truthy.
-- Returns true if successful, false and an error string otherwise.

advfload.start(name, blockpos1, blockpos2[, persistent])
-- Starts forceload `name` in block area `blockpos1`-`blockpos2`.

-- Stops forceload `name`
-- Returns true if successful, false and an error string otherwise.

-- Returns information about forceload `name`. Returns nil if non-existent.
-- ex. advfload.query("test") -> {pos1={x=5,y=-1,z=1}, pos2={x=6,y=0,z=3}, persistent=true}

advfload.query(blockpos[, blockpos2])
-- Returns all forceloads at `blockpos` (or block area `blockpos`-`blockpos2`)
-- {
--   -- started with advfload.start
--   test = {pos1={x=5,y=0,z=-1}, pos2={x=6,y=1,z=-1}, persistent=true},
--   -- started with minetest.forceload_block
--   -- name format: "(minetest)$transient$pos" where:
--   -- $transient: "P" if persistent, "T" if transient
--   -- $pos: minetest.pos_to_string(blockpos)
--   ["(minetest)T(5,1,-1)"]={
--     pos1={x=5,y=0,z=-1}, pos2={x=5,y=0,z=-1},
--     persistent=false, count=3
--   }
-- }

-- Returns all forceloads.

minetest.forceload_block(pos[, transient])
-- Increments (if exists) or starts (if not) a "(minetest)..." forceload at the block the node `pos` is in.
-- Persists the forceload if `transient` is falsy.
-- Transient and persistent forceloads are separate.
-- Returns true if successful, false otherwise.

minetest.forceload_free_block(pos[, transient])
-- Decrements or stops a "(minetest)..." forceload at the block the node `pos` is in.
-- Returns nil if no forceload was found, true if decremented/stopped successfully, false otherwise.



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