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For Minetest 5.6 and above

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    The second nodecore version but easier

  • Minimalistic, only for 5.6+

    Not much content that I can see. I never saw another biome besides the trees changing the space between them. I also got a crash while trying to craft anything past the sharp stick on Android due to this game being made for 5.6+. The Android port is stuck at 5.5.1 for at least a while yet from the last time I read anything about it. The textures are very noisy, though you get used to it after a bit. The crafting system only works if the items you want to use are in your hotbar. Probably borrowed from or heavily inspired by Nodecore. The gameplay may be fun for other people, but it is too empty, and the current gameplay loop is too boring to draw me in. And, the bottom log of a tree can never be broken (at least not with stone tier tools which appear to be the only tools right now). Good luck prettying up in a long-term world. Also, forests can get a little laggy, not alarmingly so on my PC though. I'd like to think it is just the large number of vertices, but the forest floor starts filling with sticks and saplings at a somewhat alarming rate. And the grass starts to become dirt if it is dark enough. So it could be a lot of ABMs ticking. My first review was pretty harsh, and being honest, this one is too. I probably won't be playing this game again unless it has some major changes, but check it out, maybe the minimalism is just the thing you'd love.



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