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This is the most brutal skyblock challenge for NodeCore. How much can you create with it?

The world has been replaced with an array of identical floating sky islands scattered a considerable distance from each other. Each player starts in a different island. If you fall off into the void, you may restart on a new island and finding your way back to your old one will be difficult, if not infeasible.

Each island has all the starting resources needed to build a supply of every major resource in the game using only vanilla renewal mechanics:

  • 15 lux stones
  • 4 amalgamation
  • 1 sand
  • 2 living sponges
  • 1 lode ore
  • 1 tree
  • some humus
  • some pumice

Note that your starting island is guaranteed to be "viable", in that the tree will definitely yield enough sticks and wood to make tools, and enough eggcorns to start tree farming. Beyond that, you are on your own.



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  • On your very own sky island, everything is your own fault.

    Many other games give the player endless excuses for lacking skill:

    • “Magic: The Gathering” players whine about not having drawn the right cards.
    • “Battle for Wesnoth” players complain about the random number generator being bad.
    • “X-Piratez” sometimes gives the player enemies that they are unlikely to win against, on purpose.

    Players can thus blame random happenstance. The truth is, obviously, that in these cases, the fault lies with the player:

    • In “Magic: The Gathering” players construct their own decks. If they draw useless cards, they probably put them in their deck themselves.
    • In “Battle for Wesnoth”, players have to account for the RNG being, well, random. In such a game, no plan survives contact with reality.
    • In “X-Piratez”, the game tells the player repeatedly that aborting may be a reasonable option. A mission is full of zombies? Better flee.

    “NodeCore Skyhell” is so unlike all these games that as the player it is extremely difficult to blame anyone else for your skill issues.

    • You fall off the island? Your fault, for moving.
    • You stay on the island? Your fault, it's radioactive.
    • You plant a tree and it catches fire? Your fault (again).
    • You fall into pumwater? No one forced you to swim in it.
    • Nodes fall off the island? You probably placed them there.

    As kimapr pointed out on IRC a while ago this is a different kind of hard than Exile, because in Exile you can blame the environment.

    TL;DR: If you think NodeCore is too forgiving and you like knowing that everything is your own fault, give NodeCore Skyhell a try.

    Edit: I would appreciate if the person who rated this review as not helpful would tell me why they thought so.


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