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Now say a certain kind of Individual stoled the entirety of your alarmingly large stash of Iron Blocks, AND THEN was bold enough to put them in locked chests in their protected area, so there's nothing you can do about this other than contacting the admin (who, turns out, is a bear, and it's currently winter).

The Unprotector ™®© to the rescue! With The Unprotector ™®©, you can transcend the limits imposed on you by Protection Sorcery. You can modify protected areas, access locked chests, and more! Install on your Server today.



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  • Definitely [Downloading...] Unprotector ™®© [TODAY!]

    TODAY is MY DAY! THANK you, [Stranger], now the [Scamp] has [[Nowhere to hide]]. Also, can I unprotect players using Unprotector ™®©? Would be great to remove protection while committing [Crimes against humanity] and N,