Import two my MTG commits for better driving experience 215 KB
[e4587] created 2022-06-03.
Fix item pickups not working sometimes 215 KB
[3bd7d] created 2021-08-14.
Fix 0/0 condition on faulty tool capabilities 215 KB
[b05a4] created 2021-05-02.
Descend from cart 214 KB
[5b531] created 2020-05-30.
Fix item collection 214 KB
[56f5b] created 2020-05-29.
Set driver to nil (like before) 214 KB
[c8f7c] created 2020-05-16.
Reset player view and attachment table on death 214 KB
[30f87] created 2020-05-15.
Super duper blinky winky doodle woodle happy dappy amaze wow such doge initial release 220 KB
created 2018-05-26.

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