Simple protection

Minetest fixed-grid quadratic area protection mod with graphical area "minimap"


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A Minetest area protection mod, based on a fixed claim grid, like seen in landrush.

You can claim areas by punching those with a claim stick.

  • Easy, single-click protection
  • Fixed claim grid: 16x80x16 by default
    • To configure: see default_settings.lua header text
  • Minimap-like radar to see areas nearby
  • Visual area border feedback, as seen in the protector mod
  • List of claimed areas
  • Shared Chest for exchanging items
  • Translation support
  • Optional setting to require an area before digging

Chat command(s)

/area <command> [<args> ...]
    show              -> Provides information about the current area
    radar             -> Displays a minimap-like area overview
    share <name>      -> Shares the current area with <name>
    unshare <name>    -> Unshares the current area with <name>
    shareall <name>   -> Shares all your areas with <name>
    unshareall <name> -> Unshares all your areas with <name>
    list [<name>]     -> Lists all areas (optional <name>)
    unclaim           -> Unclaims the current area
    delete <name>     -> Removes all areas of <name> (requires "server" privilege)

About "/area show"

Area status: Not claimable

  • Shown when the area can not be claimed
  • Happens (by default) in the underground

Players with access: foo, bar*, leprechaun, *all

  • foo, leprechaun: Regular single area share
  • bar*: Has access to all areas with the same owner
  • *all: Everybody can build and dig in the area



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